Shapes Fan Favorites Aurora Light Bulbs

Corry’s Cool Stuff proudly presents our Newest Cool Stuff, Aurora Lights!

Aurora Lamps are lovingly crafted hanging lamps for you to use in all sorts of fun ways!

Bedrooms, Wedding Lighting, RV Awnings, Gazebos, Dorm Rooms, over Bars, by the Pool, Spa or Grill, indoors or outdoors, the possibilities are endless! You will love these fun and functional lighting fixtures where ever you hang them!

All Lamps come fully assembled. (unless you otherwise request the parts to craft yourself.) Most lamps are made from 30 identical pieces (some are a little less, some more, depending on shape)

You can choose from 1-3 colors of parts for your own unique lamp shade!!

Lamps also include a 12 foot UL Listed lamp cord with a toggle switch approximately half way back.

You should use Compact Florescent Light Bulbs, from 40 watts up to 100 watts for your Aurora Lamps. Keep in mind, even the type of CFL, will change the look of your lamp. Bright White versus Daylight or Soft White.
Incandescent bulbs are not desirable. Light bulbs are not included with your lamp.

Or you may want to consider one of our Aurora LED Light Bulbs!

Cleaning these low maintenance fixtures is also easy. For dust, a can of compressed air should do the trick. For something more sticky or tacky, baby wipes or simply some soap and water on a cloth should be more than enough.

We are sure you will love your uniquely crafted Aurora Lamp as much as we love to make them for you!